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Broadcasting Schools  Call toll free and find Radio Schools in your area! Learn how graduate Howard Parker achieved success in the radio station industry, from intern at a radio station to being one of the world's leading voiceover talents!

Digital TV  Heard of Sky TV and need more information? Log on to DigitalChoices.co.uk and you'll find the widest range of digital TV channels available in UK. With a Sky Digital connection, you can receive all of UK's channels.

Compare UK broadband packages  Pipex Broadband is a superfast, unlimited, ultra reliable broadband Internet connection at an outstanding value for money price. You can choose a suitable package based on its download limit.

Wildlife Decals  A big collection of animal ringtones for your mobile phone are available from Choiceaccessories.com! They also have high quality embroidered animal patches and stuffed animals with real-life sounds.

Cell Phone Cases  WonderfulCell.com is your Cell Accessories Store. Cell phones are an indispensable part of our everyday lives and WonderfulCell.com provides all the Cell Phone Cases & Cell Accessories needed to keep your phone ready.

VoIP Phone System  Packet8 is a VOIP Provider and offers Internet Phone Service for residential and business consumers. Get yourself a broadband telephone and video phone service like no other, designed with both residential and business customers in mind.

International Calling Card  How about a $2 International Calling Card to prove the commitment of PhoneShark.com to you? Check this special offer that few, if any other websites offer. Call anywhere in the world. Enjoy!

Free Prepaid Cell Phones  CallWave introduces the first FREE pay-as-you-go cell phone that rewards you with free bonus minutes for getting calls and referring friends. No contracts, deposits or termination fees to tie you down.

Cricket Wireless

Sprint Wireless  - offers product and rate descriptions, ordering information, and current coverage maps.

Vonage  -  The broadband phone company

Sprint - One Sprint - Many Solutions

AT&T - Consumer - Business - Wireless

AT&T - GoPhone- Prepaid

Cingular -  Fits you best

Verizon - Make Progress Everyday

Verizon Wireless

T-Mobile - Get More From Life

Nextel - Trade Up to Nextel

SBC - SBC Communications Inc.

Cognigen - Worldwide Telecommunications Long Distance Services

VMC Satellite - Get a satellite TV system and up to four receivers installed free when you sign up for service.

Hello12.com - Instant Prepaid Phone Card for Domestic & International Calls

International Telecommunication Union: World Telecommunication Policy Forum (WTPF)  - focuses on global mobile personal communications by satellite.

National Telecommunications & Information Administration (NTIA)  - works to spur innovation, encourage competition, help create jobs and provide consumers with more choices and better quality telecommunications products and services at lower prices.

Telecommunications Online  - Telecommunications Online is the telecom industry's first resource for

British Telecom  - provides telecommunication services, including long-distance and international calls. Also manages private networks and supplies mobile communication services.

Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)  - trade organization for companies which provide communications and information technology products and services.

ADC Telecommunications  - experts in fiber-optics, video, broadband and wireless technologies offering solutions for telecommunications, cable TV, wireless and enterprise networks.

European Telecommunications Standardization Institute (ETSI)  - nonprofit organization with mission to produce future telecommunications standards throughout Europe and beyond.

Voters Telecommunications Watch (vtw@vtw.org)  - volunteer organization, concentrating on legislation as it relates to telecommunications and civil liberties.

Telecommunications Act of 1996

Telecoms Virtual Library

Office of Telecommunications (OFTEL)

World of Wireless Communications  - consumer resources, career center, news, law and public policy, technology, statistics, and more from the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA).

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)  - independent public authority in charge of regulating and supervising Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications.

Telecommunication and ATM Refernece Page

Telecommunications Reports International, Inc.  - publishes newsletters in the areas of telecommunications, multimedia, messaging, wireless technology, and electric utilities.

Federal Standard 1037C: Glossary of Telecommunications Terms  - Provides a comprehensive source of definitions of terms used in telecommunications and directly related.

Pacific Telecommunications Council  - a nonprofit telecommunications association in the Pacific Region

FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau  - responsible for FCC domestic wireless telecommunications programs and policies, including Amateur, Cellular, Paging, Broadband PCS, Public Safety, and more.



Telephone Directories On The Web  - comprehensive current index of telephone books, yellow pages, white pages, fax, residential and business listings, alphabetic and classified directories from all around the world.

Switchboard  - nationwide residential and business phone directory.

Moved!  - Telephone Directories on the Web has moved! In November 1998, it moved

Infobel.com  - Others... Country. English Language. ...

AnyWho Directory Services  - featuring residential, business, and government white and yellow pages listings. From AT&T.

NTT   - services include telephone, telegraph, leased circuit, data communication facility and miscellaneous services; site has useful index of links.

United States Telecom Association  - broad-based association whose membership includes regional Bell operating phone companies, independent local phone companies, and suppliers to the industry.

Canada 411  - provides a directory of telephone listings, including postal codes.

Stronghold Reference Site  - Stronghold Reference Site, ...

Teleauskunft  - English | Fran?ais | Hilfe | H?ufig gestellte Fragen | eMail-Verzeichnis | Stellenmarkt.

555-1212.com - the most accurate directory information on the web  - If you are a currently a paid subscriber click here to log in. 555-1212.com

Teleconomico  - offering hottelephone.com, a free free, web-based, computer to telephone service.

Telephone Pioneers of America  - nonprofit organization of employee volunteers from the telecommunications industry whose special focus is education.

Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone -- Home Page  - Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone. The Invention of the

National Telephone Cooperative Association  - nonprofit trade association representing more than 500 independently owned and locally operated rural telephone companies.

The American Experience | The Telephone  - Visit Your Local Station, PBS Home, PBS Home, Search, TV Schedules, Shop PBS, Become

Southwestern Bell  - provider of residential and business data and communications services, including local and long distance, wireless, Internet and networking.

Tiny Telephone  - alt-rock MP3 hub and recording studio.

Telephone Prefix Location List  - find city information by area code and prefix.

UK Telephone Code Locator  - UK Telephone Code Locator. WARNING: This facility is undergoing a major re-write

Cellular Phone Antennas and Human Health  - addresses the issue of whether base station transmitter/antennas for cellular phones, PCS phones, and other types of portable transceivers are a risk to human health.

Howstuffworks "How Cell Phones Work"  - A digital cell phone from Nokia. . They are such great gadgets - with a cell

Cell Phone Facts  - consumer information on wireless phones provided by the FDA.

Radar Electromagnetic Stabilizer  - test daily exposure to mobile phone radiation or other forms of electromagnetic radiation to see if protection is needed.

Nokia  - international telecommunications and electronics group.

Point.com  - research, compare and buy wireless products, including cellular, digital and PCS phones, service plans and accessories for the major U.S. markets.

Advocates for Cell Phone Safety  - parents of Morgan Lee Pena working to support legislation and to educate the public about cell phone safety.

ABCNEWS.com : Cell Phone Guns Discovered  - - At first sight it looks like a regular cell phone

cell phone rental, cell rental, uk, cellular accessories, global  - cell phone rental, cellular phones, cell phone

Verizon Wireless  - national provider of voice and data services.

MSN Mobile  - news, sports, stock quotes, weather, horoscopes and calendar reminders for your pager or digital cellular phone.

Donate a Phone Splash  - CALL to PROTECT You can donate your used wireless phone to support Donate a

dack.com > film > cell phone theater  - ... you are here: dack.com > film > cell phone theater. ... Cell Phone Theater

Dialtones (A Telesymphony)  - large-scale concert performance whose sounds are wholly produced through the carefully choreographed dialing and ringing of the audience's own mobile phones.

CNN.com - Cell phone-tumor lawsuit tossed - Sep. 30, 2002  - ... Cell phone-tumor lawsuit tossed. ... The lawsuit was brought against cell

Phonebashing.com  - unofficial site for the Solid Gold Chart Busters, taking their anti-mobile phone stance a step further.

Siemens Information and Communication Mobile  - develops mobile telephones and other cordless communications products

Wired News: Have Cell Phone, Will Shoot  - ... Have Cell Phone, Will Shoot. ... Like many cell phone instant message service.

Online Deals Communication - Discount long distance from OnlineDealz. Long distance from just 3.9 per minute.

Shenvalcom.Com - Low cost long distance from ShenValCom.

P & A Cellular Inc. - a major provider of cellular service in Brooklyn, New York. Since 1990

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