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FaxAway:  Internet Fax and Voice Mail

eFax.com:      eFax.com lets you receive all your faxes free at your existing email address! No setup fees, no per-page charges, no hidden costs.

Fax Wave:    Free telephone numbers for receiving personal faxes online! Think of this as your online fax service.

Fax4Free.com:    The World's free web-based Fax service. Fax4Free.com is designed to be the easiest, most efficient, most effective and the most economical FAX service available in the world.

jFax.com:     The world's leader in Internet-based messaging and communications. JFAX.COM Free Fax lets you receive faxes in your email inbox. You don't need an extra phone line. You don't need a fax machine, ink cartridges, paper or any other supplies. Your faxes are wherever you are – at the office, on the road or at home!

ZipFax.com:    ZIPFAX is pleased to present FREE FAXING!  ZIPFAX will send your fax free to a wide variety of area codes around the world!

TPC Fax:      There are several ways to use the Remote Printing service, and the WWW form is one of them. The more versatile way involves sending your fax by email with a correctly formatted e-mail address, and allows you to include files which contain much more formatting than just the plain ASCII text you can send here.

FaxTel.com:     Welcome to FaxTel, Inc., a leading global internet faxing solutions provider! We provide worldwide free Internet fax services through our Global Communication Network (GCN) using our innovative patent-pending
Internet fax products.

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