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Christian Children's Fund

Unique Shower Gifts  Find a special gift for the baby in your life. Browse for baby shower gifts, strollers, car seats, swings, bouncers, clothing and cribs, dressers and change tables for the nursery.

Free "Thanksgiving Family" Ecards at http://www.123greetings.com/events/thanksgiving/family/

My Precious Kid:  Protect your child! In an emergency there may not be time to wait for information. An identification card with medical and contact information attached to a car seat or backpack may be the difference between life and death! See our new "do it yourself" ID card/fingerprint kits and medical release cards. Is your child protected?

Nickelodeon:  This site is a kid favorite with links to all their favorite shows, movies, music, games and more!

Yahooligans:  The Web guide for kids! Yahoo once again has one of the best sites with categories in Around the World, School Bell, Arts & Entertainment, Science & Nature, Computers & Games, Sports & Recreation and more.

Bonus.Com:   The Super Site for Kids is presented in the protected environment of our exclusive NetScooter and is available in another window
on your computer screen.

Kids Domain:   Another great kid's site with Macintosh and PC software reviewed by families and teachers, free demos, shareware, freeware, educational software reviews, games, holiday fun, contests and graphics.

4Kids.org:  4Kids.org's web site features a weekly published newspaper that is circulated all over North America. It is designed for kids to find fun, educational, and safe spots to visit on the World Wide Web. Each week 4Kid.org searches out cool places to go so that kids can spend their online time having fun learning rather than searching.

The KidzPage:   The KidzPage web site is a fun, free, and safe site for young kids and their families with games, music, postcards, coloring pages, cyber-pets, freeware, crafts, and more!

CyberKids.Com:   CyberKids where creative kids can click, offers Art, Contests, Games, KidZeen, Launchpad, Multimedia, Music, B-Board, Chat and Keypals!

Adventures with Posnayko:  An online educational magazine for children 4 - 7. A fun way to learn - cool games, stories, pictures, jokes, and music. A family friendly site - no chat, no violence, and no advertising. Kids and parents love it!

MyKindaSite - offers many interactive games, puzzles, stories; as well as chat, email, homepages, and more.

Super Tech Kids - Find hobbies and tech toys including electronics, robotics, remote controls, science and chemistry sets plus books to teach your kids.

GusTown - hosted by Gus and the CyberBuds. The site is chock full of fun learning activities, games and the ever-popular CyberBud Club.

Kid's Domain - game and icon downloads recommended by families and teachers, children's software reviews, online safety tips, holiday pages and contests for kids.


Yahooligans! - the web guide for kids!


ALFY - web portal for kids.


Billy Bear - toddler and preschool children's learning place.

Billy Bear's Playground - where kids (and parents) can learn about Billy Bear, play games, create their own storybooks, and enjoy holiday fun pages.

Bonnie's Page - fun things for kids to do on the computer.

Bonus.com - interactive games and puzzles in a safe environment.

Bright Ideas - The Sugar Bush - stories, crafts, projects and adventures for fun and education.

Cathy's Picnic - holiday information, stories and activities for kids.

Cerfkids.com - education with the essential element of fun.

Chaos Kids - club features a soccer forum, the Chaotic Attractor, and home pages.

Color Site, The - includes coloring pages that are animated with sound, holiday sections, and games.

Cory's Paint Box - A cartoon series with coloring, games, puzzles and animated cards.

CyberSleuth-Kids - online database with K-12 subject links and more.

Dig - Disney's Internet Guide

Discovery Kids - enabling kids to develop ideas for adventures away from the computer,then share stories about their expeditions with other kids on the Web site.

ePlay - lets children actively explore the virtual world of history and culture through play and learning.

FreeZone - an online community for curious, creative kids ages 10-16. Check out chat, e-pals, bulletin boards, and the really weird Mooselips.

Funology.com - the science of having fun. Games, boredom busters, recipes, projects, and more.

GreatKids - a project to celebrate and honor the incredible things that kids in our communities do to make the world a better place.

HaringKids.com - official Keith Haring website for children: fun interactive activities to inspire a love of learning and art.

Headbone Zone - be weird, be wired, be inspired!

Ikon Kids - devoted to giving voice to the kids of the digital generation. Hear what three real- life second-graders have to say about sports, parents, video games, and life in general.

Infoplease Kids - facts, fun, free homework help, encyclopedia, dictionary & online reference desk.


Kayleigh's Playground - offers games involving the alphabet, numbers, colors, and more.

Kids Corner - kids art gallery, puzzles, message boards, and links to kids web sites.

Kids Online - offers film reviews, music, sport, fashion, news, games, books, chat, competitions, and more.

Kids Play Safe with Boowa and Kwala - contains a fun story, singsong children's music plus mazes, coloring games, guessing games and more, for kindergarten and preschoolers.

Kids-Korner.com - inviting kids to join up for jokes, horror-scopes, site reviews, games, chat and more.

KidsClick - web guide/search engine for kids by librarians.

KidsClick! Worlds of Web Searching - lessons and activities to help you learn Web searching skills.

Kidsfun.co.uk - inclues free competitions, colouring pages, places to visit, puzzles, and crafts. Send your own pictures and stories and see them made into a free home page.

Kidsnet - family listings guide to the UK and Northern Ireland, offering details of museums, galleries, attractions, and more.

KidsOnLine.com - animated chat, games, prizes, contests and other fun entertainment.

Kidtastic - includes games, music, art, learning, library, homework help, and more.

KidWorld - from Tandem House, artwork, writing, and ideas by and for kids.

Kidz page - contains a fun, free, safe site for young kids and their families. Includes games, music, postcards, colouring pages, and other activities.

KIND News - monthly publication for kids who care about people, animals, and the Earth.

Kinetic City - join the Kinetic City Super Crew, a bunch of cool kids, and their talkative supercomputer, ALEC, for science adventures, games, and learning.

La Grange Community Youth Center - A place for kids where people care -- located in La Grange, Missouri.

Look, Learn, and Do - learn interesting history and facts, and build fun projects with easy-to-follow, illustrated plans.

Main's Kids Domain - contains links for teaching tools, games, science, animals, teaching compassion and other topics.

MaMaMedia - features fun learning activities for kids.

MeToo Network - a community for children featuring reviews, interviews, email, games, story and artwork submittal, and chatting.

Nikolai on Canoe - a world of adventure and learning for families. Features a contest, surveys, games galaxy, bookshelf, rampas room, and more.

Noggin - kid's network brought to you by Nickelodeon and the Children's Television Workshop. Also includes online games and activities.

Platypus Family Playroom - Bilingual. (English/Spanish.) Self-reading short stories, singing songs in harmony, interactive activities.

PonyShow - learn computer skills through games, activities, stories.

Shy Kids - a place to talk about shyness, what it feels like, outward signs, and what to do about it.

spaceKids.com - news and entertainment site for kids featuring space and science news stories, interactive games, weekly polls, kids' submissions, images, contests, and more.

Squigly's Playhouse - games, jokes and activities for kids of all ages.

Squirtworld - a site of fun for the whole family

Stichting Thomas - De stichting voor studenten in India, Madras. A welfare project for students, please help the kids in Madras

Surfing the Net with Kids - a weekly review of fun, educational Web sites by Barbara Feldman, for the the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Tonya Takes You Touring - A cartoon series about fashion and adventure featuring Tonya, a teen guide.

Tek Camp for Kids - step-by-step tour of how to use and navigate the Web.

Thunk.com - place for kids to scramble and unscramble secret messages.

Topher's Castle - features Winnie the Pooh and breakfast cereal character guides; magazines, links, and free stuff for kids, comics and cartoons, a mystery page, and more.

Wee Webbies - jokes, puzzles, stories, math and alphabet practice, and more for young children.

World Kids Network - run mostly by kids for kids. Includes chat, clubs, mailing lists, news, and school service.

WorldVillage Kidz - kids word search puzzles, online games, links, and more.

WWW 4 Kidz - contests change weekly. Win great prizes like books, gift certificates and more!

www.4Kids.org - designed to highlight fun, educational, and safe spots for kids to visit on the Web.

Youth Online Club - for boys and girls from 5 to 18, parents, educators, and youth workers.


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