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Mail Order Processing Software  Equinox soft contains all of the features you would expect from a powerful e-Commerce solution! This include product catalogue, customer login, shopping cart, checkout, credit card authorization, and live stock levels.

Norton AntiVirus download  Norton AntiVirus 2006 protects your computer against viruses, spyware and more! SoftwareMart.bizoffer Norton downloads, screenshots and other info. Check it today!


Corporate Multimedia Service  Corporate Video Production for the UK and world-wide! WailingBanshee.co.uk is based just outside London, with in-house camera and video editing facilities that make them extremely competitive.

Search Bars Free Web Browsers, replace your Web Browser and enjoy the internet as it was meant to be with these revolutionary free web browsers

Gladior  Profit today from the enormous R&D effort, the unique technology and the years of expertise that Gladior has accumulated in the search engine marketing industry. May we deliver you a top position?

PowerPoint Graphics  PowerPlugs: Ultimate Combo 16 is a sure-fire way for you to enhance PowerPoint Graphics and to "bring that wow factor back to presentations". This mega suite includes all 16 PowerPlugs for PowerPoint titles: 30 volumes in all.

Sales Software

Computer Rental

Data Recovery

Free Web Browsers

RAID Drive Data Recovery Service  Dataleach Provides Professional RAID Server and Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery services and for Emergency server file disaster recovery.

Anti Spam Software  Cloudmark is the most award winning anti spam software.

BootDisk.Com - BootDisks - PC Support - Essential Utilities

TaskList.org  the ultimate resource to help you determine if your computer is infected with spyware, adware or viruses.

Netscape:   Netscape has a great software site with Product Categories in Business, Communication & Web, Education & Reference, Entertainment, Graphics & Multimedia, Operating Systems,
Programming, Utilities and Netscape Products!

Yahoo! Software:     Yahoo! of course this is one of the best sites for software, links and more with all the search capabilities of the Net's number one search engine!

EggHead.Com/Software:     Egghead.com is a leading Internet-based discount retailer with products in Business / Productivity, Computer Books,
Entertainment, Graphics & Design, Home & Reference, Internet & Development, Kids / Education, Macintosh and Utilities.

FilePile.Com:      Filepile has over one million free files at their site and is the world's largest indexed collection of shareware files. If you need drivers, applications, games or pictures, you'll find what you need here!

Download.Com:     This CNet software site is an excellent resource for all your shareware and freeware needs and has categories in Business, Education
Games, Home & Personal, Internet, Multimedia & Design, Development Tools, Utilities, Drivers, PalmPilot, Windows CE and Linux.

Dream Star Software - All software development needs and programming requirements for both students and clients

Omniquad - Creative software for better business

Absolute Freebies

Free Patents - protection of innovation, competition and open source software against the use and abuse of software patents.

Free-Programs.com - collection of freeware programs, reviewed, and ranked.

Freeware Files.com - Windows games, utilities, screensavers, libraries, drivers, themes, and more.

Freeware Filez - a directory of freeware downloads.

Hungry Programmers - Developing Free Software Mainly for Unix Environments.

Key Freeware

Moochers - archive of windows 95/98/NT freeware for direct download as well as links to other useful services.

ProgramFiles.com - directory of shareware, freeware, demos, games, and more.

Top Quality Freeware - provides links to desktop, internet, and system utilities, educational downloads, games, screensavers, and more.

Accounter - free web-based personal finance service which allows you to budget and track your money.

Albert's Ambry - Use our free search engine to find and download shareware, software, games and utilities. When you find what you like we will electronically deliver it to you.

Alkaid Software - collection of DOS shareware and freeware and links to software sites for all major PC platforms.

BB Shareware.Com - developing various types of shareware applications.

Benchmark Comparison Lists

Benchmark Programs - includes 3d-Bench and other benchmark programs for DOS and Windows.

Best Free Internet Software, The - free Internet software. No shareware, demos or commercial software.


BMT Micro - OS/2, DOS, Windows, Linux, and Java software distribution.

Breezin Software - developing various types of freeware programs.

Brother's Keeper Genealogy - genealogy program to help you organize your family information.


Chi-Lyra.Com - offers software consulting services specializing in the areas of inexpensive Search Engine, Database, and Web implementations, and Palm, Pocket PC and Zaurus development.

Clemens Prime's Interface - download WAV files, desktop themes and icons, and shareware and freeware.

Clicked Shareware Gallery - top shareware apps in all major categories; download for free what you need to survive on the net.

Completely Free Software - Windows and DOS free/shareware - tested, reviewed and rated.

CoolLabel - label maker for various media.

Daily Double Download - from Yahoo! Internet Life. A download a day keeps the doldrums away.

DemoNet - browse an ever expanding library of software titles and download demonstration versions.

Download.Net - from classic arcade games, to the lastest games. also a comprehensive winsock section, desktop application section and internet utilities.

DreamSoftware.org.uk - We specialize in all software development needs and programming requirements for both students and clients who require programming.

Dr. Download - he's got the cure for the common code!

DrMushRm's Shareware Depot - collection of shareware games and utilities for DOS, Windows 3.1X and Windows95.

File Farm - editorial shareware site.

File Mine - search and browse for downloadable files.

FileDudes - download software based on your operating system.

Filetransit.com - offering shareware.

Filez - search page with an index of over 60 million files and all the popular corporate and shareware sites.

Free Software Bazaar - a forum where people offer money for the development of free software.

Free Software Shack

Freeware Downloads - indexed by business, games, internet, personal, screen savers, and other software topics.

Galt Technology - includes screensavers, wallpaper, desktop themes, games, and much more.

Garbo Anonymous FTP Archive

Good Guy's Shack - software programs, utilities, QuickBASIC, opinions, etc.

IPC Software

James Carr Shareware for PowerBBS - shareware collection of add-ons for PowerBBS.

JavaShareware.com - promotes Java through sharing resources.

Jumbo! - searchable database including freeware and shareware for Windows, DOS, Mac, OS/2, and Unix.

Justin Weber's Computing Center - Windows95/98/NT/3.1, DOS, MacOS, and OS/2 support, software, information, and tips.

Kishore's Shareware Page

Latest Utility Shareware for Windows 95/NT

TheModmaster.Com - The cheapest modchips anywhere.

My Shareware Page - carries sharewares and freewares for Windows 95 and NT.

Pass The Shareware Please - The easiest way to quality shareware sites on the Internet! Also the most entertaining! Features a showcased "Shareware Site of the Week."

ProgramFiles.com - directory of shareware, freeware, demos, games, and more.

QuickFiles - providing access to shareware for the PC, Macintosh, Palm Pilot, and Handheld PC.

Rocketdownload.com - programs have screenshots, reviews and author info. Threaded discussion area. All programs are on servers to assure fast, complete download.

Sander's KeyScreen Previewer

Semicolon Software - provides games, email signature utility, and a Palm-Mac file converter.

ShareIt! - professional shareware registration service.

SharePaper - informative no nonsense magazine about shareware.

Shareware Central - download some shareware titles and to be in direct contact with the authors. Shareware authors will soon be able to list their programs.

Shareware Connection BBS

Shareware Junkies.Com - shareware evaluations.

Shareware Mall - online and offline computer entertainment and resources.

Shareware Sites Listings

shareware.com - searchable shareware database of software files from CNET, the computer network.

Silicon Alley - Idiosyncratic shareware & freeware for PCs. Also math & physics FAQs and help for HTML authors.

SlaughterHouse, The - updated daily.

SoftSeek - shareware, freeware, software reviews and more.

Software Den, The - a freeware and shareware website.

Software Labs - Every Program thoroughly tested, fully-functional, easily installed, technical support, screen shots and more!

Software Site, The - A comprehensive listing of shareware for PCs. Includes descriptions, reviews, screen-dumps, etc.

Software USA - provides shareware downloading and monthly CD-ROM with over 50 top shareware programs.

Softword Technology - specializing in Bible and Educational shareware.

Sounds English - guide to Macintosh shareware for English language learners and teachers. Shareware reviews with sample screenshots and download links.

Spyware - Spy Killer Software

Stormy Weather SoftWare - developing marine navigation shareware dealing with astronomy, ocean tides, morse code training, and yacht race results.

the.zone - includes descriptions of shareware available.

Tool Manager - Tool & Tool Crib Management System

Travis' Best Shareware PC Programs - Links to the best shareware programs available for the PC. Graphics, Internet, and other miscellaneous programs are included for DOS, Windows, and Windows 95 platforms!

Tudogs - free software and services reviewed and graded. Includes clipart, animation, webtools, games, windows, music, web design, education, and special recipes. Specializes in Gratis software.

UK Shareware - UK & European top shareware downloads.

Vandao.Com - Microsoft Certified Tech's fix your computer remotely through the Internet while you sit back and relax!

VCDROM Extension - offers utility to help build virtual CD-ROM files. Also provides text-capturing application which allows display of disabled and asterisk-masked data.

Washington University FTP Archive

www.RegSoft.com - also provides a registration service for shareware authors.

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